This Week in Birthdays: July 11 – July 17


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The birthdays that took place this week which are significant to St. Louis sports…

July 11

1953 Leon Spinks – Born in St. Louis, Leon Spinks won the heavyweight championship after beating Muhammed Ali in 1978 in just his eigth professional fight.  He was then stripped of the WBC belt for refusing to fight Ken Norton and instead fighting Ali again, to whom he lost the WBA belt.  But hey, Mr. T was one of his bodyguards at one point.

1963 Al MacInnis – We can’t confirm it, but there have been rumors that on July 4, 1994 when they received Al MacInnis via trade from the Calgary Flames, the Blues sent not only Phil Housley and two draft picks, but also a note that said “We just ripped you off.  Love, The Blues”.

July 13

1956 Michael Spinks – Like his brother Leon, Michael Spinks won the heavyweight belt via an upset over an established champion, in this case Larry Holmes.  Unlike his brother Leon, Michael Spinks got destroyed by Mike Tyson in the first round of a unification bout.  Leon never got his shot at getting destroyed by Tyson.

1978 Ryan Ludwick – On July 13, 1978 Ryan Ludwick was born.  On July 14, 1978 Tony LaRussa sat him because they were facing a right hander.

1982 Yadier Molina – On his 28th birthday, Yadier Molina started in the All Star game during a season in which he is batting .202 with an OPS of .595.  Consider that your birthday present from Cardinals fans, Yadi.

July 16

1960 Terry Pendleton – The Cardinals may have let him walk just one year before he won the MVP, but we’ll always have the memories of him wearing a sweet leather jacket during his interview in 1985′s “Heck of a Year”


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