This Yadier Molina contract negotiation chaos needs a puntastic title.


On Tuesday, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina and agent Melvin Roman provided a timetable for negotiations regarding a contract extension by indicating that they wouldn’t engage in talks during the upcoming season.

This news came days after Molina and his agent said that they were willing to negotiate during the season, but not Spring Training.  Yet ultimately, this contract is going to all about the money.

Still following along?  Of course you are.  This is all too familiar.  Last year’s contract chaos with Albert Pujols was characterized by one puntastic title that captured the absurd severity and panic: Albertageddon.

Granted, the stakes aren’t as high this time around, but it’s still highly resonating.  So, we need a name, dammit.  This is serious business.

Last night, we threw out some options via Twitter and received some tremendous responses.  Here were some of our favorites.

Mo-money Mo-lina (via)
Moolalina (via)
Bid him Yadieu (via)
Ya-D-Day (via)
Yadiosmuchacho (via)
Yadierwegoagain (via)
Molinuhoh (via)

Right now, we’ll have to give the edge to “Yadiosmuchacho” (via @BirdBrained) because of its subtle reference to The Soup Nazi.

Crappy puns + Cardinals + Seinfeld?

It wins every time.


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