Three Carpenters Is Too Much


Viewers that didn’t tune in until the late innings of Monday night’s Cardinals-Brewers broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest may have done a double-take after this appeared on their high-definition screens.

For a split second, the thought popped in my head that Chris Carpenter had pulled a Rick Ankiel and decided to give up on this stupid pitching thing once and for all. Or maybe the umpire just misheard the calm, soothing voice of Mike Matheny again, resulting in a situation where a Cy Young award-winning pitcher with nerve damage in his throwing shoulder was forced to bat and play the field.

Because we all know that whatever the umpire hears is what goes when it comes to substitutions, even if it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

As usual, I soon discovered the answer was much less complicated than either of the above scenarios. The guys in the Fox Sports Midwest truck just put up the wrong image. Phew. I could breathe easy.

Besides, it could have been worse. Instead of confusing the rookie Matt Carpenter with his veteran namesake, they could have confused him with his celebrity lookalike, Adrien Brody:

Okay, so maybe Matt Carpenter and Adrien Brody aren’t complete spitting images of each other. But for Matt Carpenter’s sake, it’s much too close.

Much too close.

For Brody’s sake, at least it gives him another connection to the pro sports world besides starring in the quite possibly the most confusing Super Bowl commercial ever.



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