Tiger Woods is dating a former Cardinals reliever’s daughter. No, really.


When Tiger Woods ended up in an Orlando hospital after getting beaten mercifully by his wife…and then divorced on a cornucopia of infidelity…you had to figure he would eventually end up with Jeff Lahti’s daughter.

No, seriously.

This, according to USA Today….

That’s right, Tiger Woods is (allegedly) countering a fall from grace with Jeff Lahti’s daughter.  Tiger is 35.    Alyse Lahti is 22, which is a perfect complement for Tiger’s public image.  Sure his public relations team likes this one.  They haven’t had a challenge in awhile.

That’s Jeff on the left and Alyse on the right.

But, you know, it’s a little tough to conceptualize.

We don’t see a striking resemblance, so let’s doctor this up a bit. Hope you look good in a wispy mustache and satin jacket, Alyse.

There we go.  Yep, we see it, now.

And seriously, how do you pronounce, “Alyse”? Jeff must have been on whatever Keith Hernandez was toting around in the clubhouse in 1982.


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