Time for Bryce Harper to Step Up the Intensity of his Game Day Gimmicks


Through three games in the 2012 NLDS, it seems that young superstar-in-training Bryce Harper has done nothing to change the popular opinion outside of DC that he is a complete d-bag. 

Game 1 we had the Braveheart war paint and in Game 3, we got to see the slick, new red contact lenses.  They were totally about providing better vision in the sun, yo. 

But despite his best efforts to tame the bright lights of both the sun and the obsessive media coverage, Harper hasn’t produced in his first taste of the postseason, going 1-15 with 6 strikeouts.  That means it’s time to break out the big gimmicks.  No more basic red eyes.  No more sloppy eye-black.  He’s taking this puppy to the next level with an all new face paint/novelty contact combo he’s been customizing for weeks. 

Get ready to have your mind blown, Kyle Lohse, when you see this stroll to the plate…


The only thing stopping him from going full body paint in the place of a Nationals uniform is Davey Johnson and his team rules.  Freaking old-timer.


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