Tino Martinez Falls Just Short of HOF Election [CARDS]


Tino Martinez recieved six votes for the Hall of Fame yesterday. That means six people thought Tino Martinez deserved to have a plaque hung next to names like Musial, DiMaggio, Mays and players of their caliber to honor his baseball greatness. That’s the same Tino Martinez who never topped .800 OPS in two seasons with the Cardinals. The same Tino Martinez who Walt Jocketty paid over $4 million to get rid of in 2003. The same Tino Martinez who became one of the very few Cardinals players that the fans publicly disliked.

Sure he played most of his career elsewhere, but through Cardinals fan goggles the only Hall of Fame that Tino Martinez warrants votes for would be the prestigious “Hall of Fame for people who we wish never signed with the Cardinals” where he would take a seat next to names like Brett Tomko, Kip Wells and Felipe Lopez.

One of the guys who saw Tino as destined for Cooperstown was ESPN news editor, Barry Stanton. The other names on Stanton’s ballot were: Jack Morris, Edgar Martinez, Don Mattingly and BJ freaking Surhoff. New inductees Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar did not make his cut. On an ESPN chat, Stanton defended his most ridiculous pick by admitting that, when BJ Surhoff was in high school, Stanton promised him that if BJ ever got on the ballot, he would vote for him. He did.

The lesson we learned from Barry Stanton? The type of people who vote for Tino Martinez are also the type who have no problems using their ballot as a way to cash in bizarre promises they made to high school kids.

The good news is that Tino’s 1% support means he won’t be on next year’s ballot and that’s one less time Cardinals fans have to be reminded of his two unmemorable seasons in St. Louis. Be thankful for that.

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