Topps is producing ridiculous Lance Berkman baseball card. So are we.


By now, most of our readers know that we’re big fans of Derrick Goold’s work over at the Post-Dispatch.  He’s dedicated, affable and has a streak of creativity – which, apparently, are exceptions in this industry.  But most importantly, we’ve formed a bond with the purveyor of “Bird Land” because he, like us, is one of the few post-pubescent men on the planet that still purchase baseball cards.

And boy, did he find a real treat today.

Yes sir, that is a new piece of Lance Berkman cardboard of the 2011 Topps variety.

For those paying attention, you’ll probably wonder why Lance Berkman is wearing the #17, considering the Cardinals retired it in 1974.  You’ll probably also wonder why Lance Berkman is wearing a Cardinals road uniform, while batting in what appears to be Busch Stadium.

Well, kids, that’s called Photoshop job…or Microsoft Paint job, depending on your level of domain expertise.

We suppose Topps  wanted Berkman in Cardinals jersey and couldn’t wait until Spring Training.  Fine.

But why the Number 17?

Berkman has worn the Number 17 since 2000, so the photo is likely from his days with the Astros.  Thus, the graphical artist was forced to superimpose a Cardinals logo on the uniform to make it work.  To us, it seems easier to superimpose a “2″ over the “7″, since Berkman choose his current number (12) only four days after being signed by the Cardinals in December.

By hey, we’re not being paid by the hour by Topps.

It seems to us that this particular Topps crew got a little happy with their graphics software, so we’re going to raise the ante.  After all, if you’re going to feature a prominent Cardinals player in a hallowed, impossible jersey number….why not go crazy with equally-likely scenarios?



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