Trust Us, These Are Not April Fools Day Jokes


It’s April 1st.

And we all know what that means – grown men and women going out of their way to make lame jokes that they can immediately follow by screaming “April Fools!!” in your face, regardless of whether you believed them.

But it also puts people on edge to the point where they refuse to believe anything questionable.  Looking back at the recent events of the  2010-2011 sports year, we can see no less than 10 stories that, if they broke today, 99% of the people hearing them would have assumed it was an April Fools joke.

In case you’ve been in a coma the last 12 months, trust me, none of these are pranks…

10.) The Rams were actually one game away from making the playoffs even though they wouldn’t have finished above .500

9.) Hall of Famer Bernie Federko and mortgage tycoon Ray Vinson are really good friends who high five constantly…

8.) Adam Wainwright almost won the Cy Young in 2010, then blew out his elbow in spring training 2011.

7.) Albert Pujols grounded into three double plays in the first game of the season

6.) Mizzou fans all pretty much hate Mike Anderson now. And since he bolted, the Tigers will probably try to hire the hottest guy on the coaching block – Shaka Smart – who none of us had heard of three weeks ago.

5.) Blaine Gabbert is one of the players being discussed as the possible #1 pick in the NFL Draft.  That is #1 in the first round.  Overall.

4.) Remember that Dave Checketts guy who pledged to revitalized the Blues?  He’s trying to sell his part of the team now

3.) Matt Holliday scheduled an emergency appendectomy on April Fools day and tons of people thought it was a prank

2.) Backup catcher Jason LaRue had to retire because of the concussion he suffered when a Reds pitcher kicked him in the face with his cleats

1.) Albert Pujols might become a Cub after this year

After reading that list, I sort of wish it was all just a huge April Fools joke.  And if it was, I guarantee Federko and Vinson would high five when they found out.



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