We Remember: Dan Thomson, Cardinals Fan from 1985′s “Heck of a Year”


Every Tuesday, we’ll dip into our bag of nostalgia for a segment entitled, “We Remember.”

We debut this weekly column with one of the best moments from 1985′s “Heck of a Year” Cardinals seasonal montage.  Sure, it featured all of the Whitey, Willie and Ozzie you can handle…but it also featured one extremely memorable cameo from a man known only as, “Dan Thompson, Cardinals Fan.”


1.) Commentary in “Heck of the Year” included appearances from Rick Hummel and Mike Claiborne and narrative from Jack Buck.  How Dan Thompson, Cardinals fan worked his way into the mix is beyond us.

2.) Wool blazers.  All the rage.  They’re not just for philosophy teachers in 2011, they’re also for Dan Thompson in 1985.

3.) Hockey hair.  Also all the rage.

4.) “I really mark my personal life by the time of the year of the baseball season.”  Considering the Cardinals went to the World Series in ’85, we’re guessing Mrs. Thompson was busy in the bedroom that season.

5.) It’s like reading the paper.  And what isn’t, really?



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