We Remember: Nyjer Morgan’s kiss of death


On September 7th, the Cardinals/Brewers concluded their last regular-season series of the year.  The Cardinals took two of three games from the Brewers at Busch Stadium, but Milwaukee held a sizable lead atop the NL Central.

As they left town, Nyjer Morgan headed out to the interwebs and posted the following message on Twitter.

Truly enlightening.

While it was laughable for Milwaukee and St. Louis readers alike, the tweet provided some immediate residuals.

1.) A “stay in school” teaching point for grade school instructors across the country.

2.) Inspiration for the Cardinals to send him home in October.

The Cardinals went 14-5 the rest of the way, earning a wild card berth and the opportunity to knock off the Phillies and Morgan’s Brewers. Actually, it’s incorrect to title them “Morgan’s Brewers”. After all, Nyjer only batted 12 times in the NLCS.

Probably wise to evolve from a platoon player before being overly chatty and pompous in a public forum like Twitter.



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