We Remember: The Day the Cardinals Drafted Terry Bradshaw


NewsWire: “With the 249th pick of the 1990 MLB Draft, the St. Louis Cardinals select Terry Bradshaw”

Cardinals Fans: “What in the hell are the Cardinals thinking drafting a gap-toothed football quarterback?”

Ah, such is the life of a young baseball prodigy who happened to be born a year before a guy whose named he shared made his debut in the NFL. One of the Terry Bradshaw’s went on to become a Hall of Famer in his respective sport leading to a job as the biggest mouth on Fox NFL Sunday and the other played 34 games in the Major Leagues before calling it a career.

But for one glorious afternoon in 1990, the baseball-playing version of Terry Bradshaw was THE Terry Bradshaw in the sports world.  It was his name that grabbed the headlines, as buried as they might have been.

Look on the bright side, Kolten Wong (Cardinals 2011 first round pick, FYI), at least there wasn’t a Super Bowl QB who looked like this that shares your name.  That we know of anyway.


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