We Remember: Vince Coleman getting doused with milk


While the last Friday’s Willie McGeefest at Busch Stadium was apropos, we especially appreciated the mid-80′s vibe that proliferated throughout the building.  The Cardinals wore pullover jerseys and beltless pants, circa 1985.  Fredbird threw on some baby blue threadsVince Coleman and Ozzie Smith were in the house to partake in the McGee festivities.  And mullets were everywhere.  Okay fine, so that last one wasn’t part of the decor.

As you probably know by now, we’re freakishly obsessed with the 1980′s seasonal Cardinals videos.  For some odd reason, seeing Ozzie, Vince and Willie together made us recall some fantastic footage from 1987′s “That’s a Winner” in which Ozzie douses Vince with a two-gallon bottle of milk.

What a fabulous moment.  Somehow it’s even better on loop.

We’re not sure why milk was in the clubhouse the night the Cardinals beat the San Francisco Giants to move on to the World Series, but we’re sure glad Ozzie found it.



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