We Remember: Whitey Herzog on 1986′s Rough Start


Last week Matt Sebek took us all back in time to revisit the beauty that was 1985′s Heck of a Year video via an interview with a random fan that appeared in the movie.

Through Dan Thompson we didn’t just get to remember the magical ’85 season.  We got to remember tweed blazers, dated commentary about our reliance on the newspaper and curly mullets.  It was a brief segment in the movie that let us relive a memorable year for those baseball fans who grew up in the 80′s.

And then there was 1986.

Obviously Cardinals fans came in fired up with expectations.  Vince Coleman was a year older, Willie McGee was the reigning MVP, Jack Clark was becoming a big time slugger, John Tudor was coming off a freakishly good year, Whitey was at his peak.  Everything was in place to avenge Don Denkinger’s blown call and claim the World Series trophy.

But it didn’t take long before it all fell apart.  By this time that year, the Birds were already 11.5 games out thanks to their slow start combined with the Mets blazing hot one.  Even a random newspaper in Meriden, CT called the Record-Journal wasn’t afraid to blast them for their crappy start…

When all was said and done they finished 28.5 games out and three under .500.

Of course, the lone bright spot in any negative article about what became a disappointing Cardinals season was the pure unabashed Whitey Herzog quotes.  He didn’t disappoint in this one:

“The defense hasn’t been very good, the hitting hasn’t been very good and the bullpen hasn’t been very good.  That’s three of four facets.  That adds up to last place.”

Stack that next to a quote from GM Dal Maxvill claiming a trade wouldn’t make sense because “you can’t trade for seven guys” and it’s pretty clear that in 1986 the PR game wasn’t quite as pronounced as it is in 2011.


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