We Think Some Brewers Fans Don’t Like Tony LaRussa


After a hard fought win for the Cardinals last night in a game that featured extra innings, beanballs, chest bumping with umpires, multiple “bases-loaded no outs” jams that did not yield a run and guys with 19th century mustaches (looking at you, John Axford), there was no doubting that the message boards would be fired up in Milwaukee.

Had the Cardinals come up on the short end as many cynical fans expected – and I just said that into a mirror – the mood would have been pretty sour this morning around these parts.  Instead, we get to have fun seeing how Brewers fans reacted to the game and the managerial posturing that took place during it.  Let’s just say they’re not big fans of Tony LaRussa right now. A sampling from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and BrewCrewBall.com (spelling errors included)…

“I realize this is a family blog but if i ever see TLR in public, I’m jacking him in the face.”

“If your team won and you just realized you’re rooting for the biggest group of assholes in recent major league history, you’re still losing. Enjoy that one, St. Louis”

“Keep believing you’re classy, Cardinals. Maybe if you say it enough times you’ll believe it. The rest of the league sure doesn’t.”

“LaRussa was out there supporting Glen Beck. What more can you say except “sieg heil”? Albert was with him so Tony has his back, I guess.  This is also the man who did not know McGuire was on streroids. I guess you need a head the size of Mt. Rushmore before Tony notices.”

“I can’t even be mad at TLR anymore. He’s too comically evil.”

“Tony LaRussa is possibly the biggest asshole in baseball since Ty Cobb. I’m only half-kidding.”

“Hi, My name is Tony. I’m a big bag of poop.”

But even with all the LaRussa bashing, our favorite had to be the references to a World Series that took place 29 years ago.  And the fact that there was more than one…

“I guess there is no other way to make up for that fluke 82 series win by
the Cardinals except by getting equally as aggressive. This is what they

“Can’t stand the $)*#@# Cardinals. They stole the 82 series. Brewer managers
should toss everything at them every game like it is the World Series.”

But in the interest of fairness, we felt it was also necessary to feature one crazy message board rant from the St. Louis end. Safe to say, some Cardinals fans don’t like LaRussa either…

Pujols going down is the best thing that could happen to this team. Hopefully he’s out for the season. Get the team used to playing without the fat 35yr old. His boyfriend’s act is getting old. TLR needs to leave town as well. The genius sits his best player (Freese) in the most important series of the year. Plays banjo boy Schumaker 0-6 and injured worthless Furcal 1-6. His other boyfriend (Theriot) is riding the bench after blasting the Cubs all weekend and the guy is a genius, right? Put Descalsco at SS, Theriot at 2nd, Freese at 3rd and QUIT SCREWING WITH THE LINEUP!!”

If there’s one thing a large number of message boarders can agree on, it’s that guys like Tony LaRussa are to message boards what a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos is to Prince Fielder.  Something they can’t do without for more than a day or two.



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