What This Morning’s Headline SHOULD Have Been…


Oh, how we long for the day when front page newspaper headlines show lack of restraint from saying what needs to be said.

Until then, we’ll do the dirty work – facilitated by a perfect storm of a Brandon Phillip’s “little bitch” quote and a starting pitcher named “Leake”.

UPDATE: New statements from Brandon Phillips (on Tuesday morning).



  • Todd says:

    That stupid bitch doesnt even bolster a response – screw the reds and screw that friggin idiot! Who cares if that dildo likes the Cubs over us!!! What an IDIOT!!!

  • Matt says:

    Todd: What do you mean “us”? Are you on the team? Did St. Louis sign you last night? This has got to stop. I call upon all true sports fans everywhere to call out anyone who refers to a sports team using terms like “we,” “us” or “our.” Unless you get your paycheck from the ballclub, you aren’t on the team, dude.
    Also, what does “bolster a response” mean? Are you attempting to speak English? If you don’t know what a word means, save yourself some embarrassment and don’t use it.
    Here endeth the rant.

  • Todd says:

    I’m a Red’s fan and this is funny. Got to be careful when you open your mouth.

  • Tim says:

    Brandon Phillips is an idiot. The biggest series of the year and he says something like that to give the Cardinals more motivation. Hopefully Wainwright or Garcia puts one in his ear.

  • Mark says:

    @Matt – I’m sorry to hear that you lack the sense of belonging to the Cardinals (or any other sports team) that others have where they (we) feel comfortable using first person pronouns in reference to the team. In part, I pay the salaries of everyone who you included as the privileged class of being able to say “our” so, to me, that invests me enough in the team to justify saying “our.” Besides, as a fourth generation Cardinal fan I was born a citizen of Cardinal Nation which means more to me than what someone posts on a blog echoing Jim Rome’s opinion. If you’d like to divorce yourself from the team that’s fine but why bother pushing your belief on others? Live and let live.

  • Ryan says:

    Matt does need to shut up! I’m not a Reds or Cards fan, but I will stick up for another die hard supporter of his/her team.

  • Pete says:

    @Mark – Well-stated comment. Couldn’t agree more.

  • JIM says:

    Just another low class/no class, cocky-mouth, over-paid “professional” athlete of today.

  • Randy says:

    Karma sure has come back to bite Phillips and the Reds in the ass. Up until this series I had a lot of respect for the Reds, but not anymore. Now I hope the completely fall apart and sink below the Cubs and Brewers. I would love it if the Reds traded Phillips to the Cardinals in the off season.

  • STEVE says:

    Hey i am a Reds fan and i can see how people say stuff that they don’t mean. But Phillips did at least stand up and say he said it. At least he didn’t back down on it. So many people want to be correct and back down on what they said, but at least he didn’t back down and he admitted to saying it. Do i think it was right what he said….no it was stupid…Esp since he didn’t back it up. Don’t talk if you cant back it up….But i must say its nice to have a Rival again.

  • Mike says:

    Screw the Cardinals! They are a bunch of bitches and everyone around the league know it. Phillips was just the only one that had the balls to say it to the media. Just look at how Carpenter acted in the first game. He was bitching at his own teammates. The Reds will win the division and the Cards will bitch about it.

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