When American Idol airs tonight, the Cardinals will set another MLB record.


Tonight, the St. Louis Cardinals will establish yet another MLB record.  At 7 pm CT, they will become the first franchise in Major League Baseball to have two players that…a.) have children in the finals of American Idol…and b.) have been featured on a Donruss “Diamond King”.

Still following along?  We didn’t think so.  Allow us to explain.  Joe Magrane was a pitcher for the Cardinals in the late-80′s.  More specifically, he was a touted rookie in 1987, meaning he had a big role in the “That’s a Winner” film documenting the Cardinals season.  We’ve seen that damn film at least 2500 times and still find it hard to believe that Joe Magrane and Joey Gladstone are two different people.  Following his rookie season, Magrane put together a few solid seasons before succumbing to an elbow injury.  But that didn’t stop Donruss from featuring Magrane in their hallowed collection of water colors on cardboard known as “Diamond Kings”.

Anyway, back to the Cardinals making history.  You see, Magrane’s 16-year old daughter, Shannon, makes her debut in the Top 24 of “American Idol” tonight.

But Shannon Magrane isn’t the only kin of a St. Louis Cardinals player to make it past the qualifying rounds of “American Idol”. And she isn’t the only “American Idol” contestant to have a father featured on a “Diamond King” baseball card.

Oh, no.


How soon we forget Nikko Smith, the son of Ozzie Smith, who finished 9th on “American Idol” in 2005.

Sure, he has no career or future in the music industry, but he’s guaranteed to sing at least five National Anthems per season at Busch Stadium from now until eternity.



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