When “Rangers” does not equal “Rangers”


In the past, we’ve identified that wearing any ole sports jersey to an athletic competition is a borderline fan fail.  On Saturday night, we saw this rule abused to the tenth degree when FOX’s cameras caught the following gentleman during Game Three of the World Series.

Now, let’s get everyone on the same page here.

The New York Rangers are not the same team as the Texas Rangers.

(New York Rangers) != (Texas Rangers), for those that want to break it down mathematically.

It’s an extremely odd game day attire choice and we see one of two things in play here.

1.) The guy is a complete knob and in a Saturday morning panic to wear suitable attire to a home playoff game, he accidentally purchased a hockey jersey off the discount rack at Sports Authority.

2.) The FOX cameras located the only fan in America that is both a New York Rangers hockey fan and a Texas Rangers baseball fan, even though the two teams are separated by over 1,300 miles.

Frankly, we’re not sure which one of those options are worse.



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