Which Cardinal Got a Mustache Shirt Now?


My cohort Matt Sebek first brought to our attention the Nike ‘Hair-itage’ themed t-shirts that included the unmistakable silhouette of Ozzie Smith’s beard/afro combo from the early 80′s. 

And while we personally felt that the obvious addition to the Cardinals roster of shirts might be someone with a famous ‘stache like Al Hrabosky or Danny Cox, we were surprised to see the second addition to the collection cause a rash of confusion.  A non-descript dirtlip and mini-fro does not do enough to differentiate from the numerous Cardinals players who wore the same style during this era…


So it was time to put on our detective cap and dig for some answers to the simple question – just whose hair can we wear on our chests for $20?  In the end, we whittled it down to eight suspects all of whom featured curly hair exploding from under their cap to complement a small nose beard…


After we had our specialists review this artist rendering, we cracked the case.  And frankly, its about damn time, Willie McGee got his own shirt…


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