Who will foot the bill for Albert Pujols’ $30 million contract?


This weekend, ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark reported that Albert Pujols and agent Dan Lozano are seeking a 10-year, $300 million contract from the Cardinals.  For the mathematically-challenged, that breaks down to a whopping $30 million per season.

It’s a substantial upgrade from the $16 million Pujols will make in the final year of his existing contract in St. Louis.

Does Pujols deserve to be the highest-paid player on his team?  Undoubtedly.  Does Pujols deserve to be the highest paid player in baseball?  Most likely.  While the Best Fans in Baseball begin planning organizational boycotts and plunges from Eads Bridge should the Cardinals not resign Pujols at all costs, let us remember that there are significant ramifications to long-term deals.

Someone has to own the burden.

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Historically, the Cardinals have been fiscally responsible with their projected payroll budgets.  If they sign Pujols, will allocation for other positions suffer…or will they begin to expand their operating budget by increasing prices in/around Busch Stadium?

It’s likely a combination of both, but we thought it was interesting to observe the fluctuating prices of other Cardinals-related items if they increased at the same percentages.

Time will tell.  Just be careful what you wish for, Cardinals fans.  Sipping on $16 beers while watching a 41 year-old Pujols shuffle around Busch Stadium making $30 million per season doesn’t exactly sound like Baseball Heaven.


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  • brad says:

    dude pay him whatever it takes. from a business standpoint he is a money machine. from a baseball standpoint he is a hitting machine. he is in his prime of his career and shows no signs of slowing. he is that rare once a generation player. i have had the pleasure of watching him from my row E seats in 132 right by first base in Busch. And i dont care how much more anything costs next year, just keep this guy in St. Louis!

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