Who Won Round Two in the “Punny David Freese Headline Sweepstakes”?


Following David Freese’s postseason heroics in the NLCS, we summarized the snappiest headlines from across the inter webs.  After all, David Freese has a last name that is tailor-made for pun factories.  Couple that with changes in October temperatures and you have yourself a headline writer’s nirvana.

But, with more Freese heroics in Game 6 of the World Series on Thursday night, headline writers were faced with the laborious task of outdoing themselves.  Let’s see how they stacked up.

#5: MLB.com

Incredibly weak.  In fact, MLB used this exact same headline the last time Freese was in the national spotlight.  The only reason it made our list this time around is because of the fantastic photo that complemented their headline.  We’re guessing David Freese spent most of his childhood imitating Hulk Hogan.


#4: ESPN.com

This offering from ESPN is also incredibly weak because it’s incredibly predictable.  It’s been used time and time again.  You have to bring the heat on your second round of David Freese headlines.  Freese….heat.  Sometimes (read: most of the time) we manage to impress ourselves.  Anyway, like the aforementioned MLB.com headline, this makes our list because ESPN used a legit “freeze frame”.  That is, one that tells a story by itself.


#3: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

STLToday.com and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are seasoned veterans of pun-laced David Freese headlines.  Unlike the national outlets that only come around once or twice a year, they have all season to work on their David Freese craft.  They used a new one last night/this morning and we like it.  It’s simple, descriptive and looked even better on the front page of the printed version of the Post-Dispatch (yes, they still do that).


#2: FoxSports.com

Okay, fine.  This has nothing to do with David Freese, but we appreciate when national outlet buck the trend.  When a pun like “Freese” is just sitting there on the table, waiting for you to eat it, it takes tremendous restraint to order off the menu.  And we like the originality of “Sex Appeal”.  We suppose if you wanted to use an adjective to describe Game 6, you would say that it was “sixy”?


#1: STLToday.com Photo Gallery

The main page of STLToday.com dropped in at #3 on our list, but they were drastically outplayed by their inner photo gallery, who managed to slip in an 80′s pop band (i.e., Eurythmics) reference into their gallery title.  Extremely worthy of a #1 spot on our esteemed list.



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