Why the Adam Wainwright Pun Will Not Go Away


In the sports world, if an athlete’s name is to be permanently associated with a cheesy pun, it needs constant media stroking to mature. Toss out the snappy phrase every time it’s even moderately appropriate and watch the minions start lining up to be part of the “in crowd”. 

How do you think Chris Berman became popular? 

Here in St. Louis, we’ve had one Bob Carpenter-approved rhyme on the rise for years and, while it’s not on Berman’s radar,  the Post-Dispatch’s Joe Strauss is it’s unofficial sponsor. Let’s just say, he has not been shy about publicly acknowledging his role as the captain of the “Waino is Bueno” express…

Sure, he’s not the only advocate of this particular multi-lingual proverb, but much to his delight, Strauss has been intentionally pouring gas on the fire every time the name Wainwright pops up. And thanks to his unwavering commitment, it has successfully trickled into the Cardinals lexicon.

Guarantee when that guy worked “Waino is Bueno” in his question to Strauss, he viewed it as the equivalent of a virtual fist pound.  

With a lineup that includes pun-fertile names like Freese, Carpenter and Holliday, Joe Strauss has every right to gloat that his personal project has perhaps become the most prominent.


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  • Myers says:

    I truly hope Carp is Sharp, Freese puts us at ease and and Skip doesn’t have to become a Schu-maker. (so weak)

    Cardinal withdrawl

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