Chivalry Is Not Dead After All, It Just Has Better Reaction Time

The women’s movement took a big step forward as a result of this Pete Kozma home run during the seventh inning of Tuesday’s 6-1 Cardinals win over the D’backs (or D’bags, if you prefer).

Yes, women have come a long way since the dark days of depending on men to hunt for their food, open their doors, or get in the way of their screaming line drives.

The boyfriend in this case does show concern once the whole ordeal was all over and he was no longer in any way threatened, which serves the new, more enlightened standard for chivalrous behavior.

Even still, it can’t be good when Al Hrabosky calls out your manhood on regional cable television.

And since Seinfeld gets more than it’s fair share of play on this blog, it’s seems appropriate that we’re reminded of when George Costanza showed similarly chivalrous behavior.

Truly a man before his time.

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