Detroit kids love crappy St. Louis Blues sweaters.

Here’s the deal: two Detroit suburb high schools played a hockey game on on January 26th.  The two schools were Clarkston High School and Lake Orion High School.  Apparently they’re rivals.  We have no idea who won the game, but we do know that a bunch of organic, self-produced marketing led up to the contest.

The effort included the little featured film below.  We have nothing to report on this other than…a.) it’s a rather entertaining production from high school kids, and b.) the featured student is wearing an old school St. Louis Blues sweater.

But why the Blues sweater?

And why pick the worst possible hockey sweater in the history of mankind?  Is this some sort of inside Detroit joke where they wear ugly threads from rival teams?

Kinda bizarre.

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  1. Don’t kid yourselves. Those V Canucks, the Gorton’s Fisherman Islanders, and the Black Islanders sweaters are all inferior to this Blues sweater.

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