One amazing piece of Cardinals memorabilia

Sports blogging comes with a unique set of perks: an open platform for expression, interacting with other fans and an expanding knowledge of the industry’s best sweatpants.  But also, people send you things.  Mostly books or old baseball cards.  Nothing too elaborate or expensive.

But every now and then, you get a real diamond in the rough.  Such as, the gem below from a local beer distributor who shall remain nameless.


Now that’s just awesome.

When a team is one game away from clinching the World Series, Anheuser-Busch prints a few cases of team-branded beer so that they show up in post-game celebration photos.  The following day, they’re mass-produced and distributed to grocery stores across the team’s respective state.

Since the 2011 World Series went to a Game 7, Anheuser-Busch printed celebratory bottles for both the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals.  The Cardinals won and the rest is history.  But what about those few hundred Rangers-branded beers?

Well, now we have one.

We’re guessing Josh Hamilton has the rest.


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  1. You keep sports blog rockin’ and we’ll keep sending you things! 🙂 Cheers!

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