First Draft: Stan Kroenke’s Dome Renovation Proposal

When released to the public in spring 2012, it was safe to characterize the Rams counter offer on the plans for the Edward Jones Dome upgrade as aggressive. And slightly intriguing.

Now that the arbitration committee has sided with the Rams’ proposal over the CVC’s significantly more modest version, it’s becoming more and more likely that the Dome will be replaced or rendered irrelevant when the CVC formally declines their option to proceed with the massive upgrades that Stan Kroenke’s side laid on the table.

What the public doesn’t know is that the Rams victory in this round almost never happened.  The proposal presented in arbitration was the final polished version.  We got our hands on the first draft before some notable – and much needed – changes were made to ensure that this proposal even qualified for consideration. Let’s just say that owner Stan Kroenke showed us a side we’ve never seen before when he personally drew up the initial plans…


Stadium Key

1.) Future location of Stan Kroenke statue
2.) Future location of current Stan Musial statue, upgraded to show Stan Kroenke as the batter
3.) External LED boards set to feature Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Arsenal games or Kroenke home videos when appropriate
4.) Shows beginning and end of Kroenke family’s private buffet line to be set up on game days
5.) Retractable roof large enough to accommodate Stan’s private helicopter should he choose to land on the field during a game at which time the game will be delayed as needed
6.) Private vault for Stan Kroenke’s wig collection
7.) Private entrance for the Kroenke family Labradoodle named “Georgia”


As crazy as Stan’s personal vanity project sounded, it was still more reasonable than the CVC’s initial proposal: a blank piece of paper with only the following words written on it:

“Stop sucking at football and the Dome will be better.”

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