EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: How 1380’s new station “THE WOMAN” was created

Last week, Dan Caesar announced that 590 KFNS and 1380 SHIT are undergoing a management and marketing shift while dividing and conquering the local radio demographic.  We’re still not convinced that this isn’t an elaborate April Fool’s Day ploy, but moving forward, 590 AM will be known as “THE MAN” and 1380 AM will be known as “THE WOMAN”.

You see, “THE MAN” is going to talk about man things and “THE WOMAN” is going to talk about woman things.  Mind: blown, right?

Perhaps the biggest issue is that radio guys think they know what men want to listen to; namely, locker room chatter and tons of veiled penis references.  Can you imagine these same guys pondering over a radio lineup on 1380 “THE WOMAN”?  Thankfully, we didn’t have to imagine…because we obtained EXCLUSIVE audio from their brainstorming session.

Note: this skit will appear in this week’s JoeSportsFan Show podcast. Check it out on Friday.

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