JSF Exclusive: A Look at the NCAA Notice of Allegations to Frank Haith

On the heels of Mizzou’s upset victory over #5 Florida last night, the mood-killing NCAA dropped the bomb on coach Frank Haith that they had formally delivered his Notice of Allegations related to accusations lobbed by the infamous booster Nevin Shapiro during Haith’s tenure at Miami. 

Initial reports last month by Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports had Haith getting slapped with the dreaded “unethical conduct” charge the NCAA equivalent of a pink slip. 

Since that report, the NCAA has gone out of its way to concede that it’s investigation was conducted by bumbling fools and KU grads who no longer have their jobs, with the situation becoming so comical that many believed it was unlikely that the any Notice of Allegations would be delivered to Miami or Haith for fear of legal ramifications the NCAA might spark. 

Alas, last night they followed through with their promise.  But as Haith’s comments and several reports have confirmed, the NCAA’s allegations against him were significantly downgraded to a step above “we are eating crow”.  In fact, the JSF Investigation team was able to grab a copy of the letter presented to Haith and it spoke volumes…


If ever there was an organization unqualified to accuse another of a “failure to monitor” it is the mess known as the NCAA.

That or perhaps they can just recognize it better than anyone. 


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