JSF37: The One with Keith Hernandez (and Kevin Kaduk from Yahoo Sports)

Kevin Kaduk jumped aboard Yahoo!’s “Big League Stew” blog in 2008 where he served as a lead columnist and editor.  Recently, he was promoted as the head honcho of all Yahoo! Sports Blogs.  That’s like one step away from editor of the entire Internet.  He’s been a friend of the Joe for sometime, even in spite of his Chicago roots.

It was time to have him on the show.


Total Running Time: 00:39:44

Atomic number: 37 (rubidium)

JoeSportsFan Original: Defining “Broakleys” (link)

Random yet contextual references: Kent Bottenfield, Jeff Suppan, Willie McGee, Harold Snepsts, Dan Caesar, Fernando Tatis, Todd Wellemeyer, Chris Duncan bald tire jokes and Mike Shannon’s with a British accent

Links and things mentioned this episode:

Apparently, people really like the number 37 (link)
Menu items in our St. Louis Cardinals restaurant (link)
Keith Hernandez broadcasting hilarity (link)
Seinfeld: “Nice game, pretty boy” (link)
The definitive list of athlete appearances on “Seinfeld” (link)
Dan Caesar’s column about how 60% of people don’t listen to sports radio anymore (link)

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