JSF39: The One with Daryl Doran

Daryl Doran is the only player to play for every professional indoor soccer team in St. Louis.  That’s the Steamers, the Storm and the Ambush.  And the Steamers again.  If you’ve played for two instances of The Steamers, you pretty have a key to this city.  And an everlasting invite to be on The JoeSportsFan Show.

With an English Premier League game selling out Busch Stadium on May 23rd, we thought it was time to bring in the soccer legend to chat.


Total Running Time: 00:47:29

Atomic number: 39 (Yttrium)

JoeSportsFan Original: inside the production of Cardinals radio commercials

Random yet contextual references: Al Hrabosky, Tom Brunansky, He-Man, Doug Weight, Kelly Chase, Steven Jackson, Rasmus Girl, Diehard Cards Fan, official pest control companies of the Cardinals

Links and things mentioned this episode:

The Greatest St. Louis Sports video of all time. (link)
The new 1380 “THE WOMAN” logo (link)
Al Hrabosky kinda sorta looks like a gay lion (link)
Our first “Making of Cardinals Commercials” skit (link)
The infamous “Rasmus Fire Burning” video (link)
The English Premier League is coming to Busch Stadium (link)

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