Matheny Memes: Classic Rock Edition

When thinking about some of the storylines surrounding Mike Matheny as he transitions into his second full season as manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, we couldn’t help but notice that more than a few of them synced with lyrics from classic rock songs.

And what better way to communicate something old, like classic rock lyrics, than by juxtaposing it with something new? And with that, we give you the horrific bastard child result: Mike Matheny Classic Rock Internet Memes.

I’ve got a question for you: About how many times last season would you say you heard Matheny described as a “rookie that had never before managed any team at any level” – be it pro, college, even little league? Maybe thirteen, fourteen thousand times? Fifteen thousand?

No matter what happens in 2013, at least we’ll never hear that again. Sure, he’s not exactly the managerial equivalent of a 42 year-old junk-tossing left-handed specialist that would make Tony La Russa drool worse than his bulldog, but at least now no one can say Matheny doesn’t have any experience. And we think he should be proud of that.


Moreover, this offseason proved a rather quiet one in St. Louis. The most significant departures from a roster standpoint were Lance Berkman, Chris Carpenter, and Kyle Lohse. The first two guys barely played last year. And technically, Lohse could still end up wearing the (now slightly larger) birds on the bat.

The Cardinals are basically the same team that came within one win of a second consecutive World Series trip. Barring massive injuries, there won’t be many changes to the lineup, rotation or the bullpen. Thus, at least for Matheny:


Speaking of injuries, the Cardinals skipper himself has already landed on the DL, undergoing surgery March 11 to repair a ruptured disk in his lower back.

But being the hard-nosed, tough guy he is, Matheny returned to the dugout just days later, and apparently, his normal routine.


Yes, life’s been good to you so far, Mike. I’ve got more than a feeling 2013 will be pretty good, too.

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