10 Reasons to Hate the 2010 Insight Bowl


1.) Being forced to listen to NFL announcers call a college game
In the 2007 Cotton Bowl, we got to listen to Pat Summerall and Brian Baldinger mispronounce Mizzou Tigers names for two hours, and last night brought a different twist.  We got to hear Matt Millen, the architect of one of the worst stretches of NFL drafting in league history during his recent run as GM of the Detroit Lions.  Worst part?  Him telling us how players like Blaine Gabbert, Kevin Rutland and Aldon Smith will be in the NFL.  That’s got curse written all over it.

2.) Watching fellow St. Louisans Marvin McNutt and Adrian Clayborn play for the team I’m rooting against. 

3.) The fact that Iowa fans were carrying Thunder Sticks in the crowd

4.) The super intense crowd atmosphere in a neutral site bowl game.  And by “super intense” I mean, “it sounds like I’m watching the Masters on TV”.  And for the lack of atmosphere, let’s make it clear that its not the fans’ fault.  There are dedicated fans that made the trip, but there are also throngs of dedicated fans that decided traveling a thousand miles and spending thousands of dollars to watch what amounts to an exhibition game on a Tuesday night isn’t the best use of their economic resources. 

5.) That people are so desperate to get on TV, they will hold competing ESPN signs while sitting next to each other

6.) That other people will have the same idea only with a more bizarre sign


7.) That the officials overturned a catch by TJ Moe on fourth down that served as the de facto ending to the game.  When the ref calls it a catch, the video review has to provide the famous “conclusive” visual proof that the call was wrong.  Not the case on Moe’s catch, yet it was overturned, the ball was handed to Iowa and the game was effectively over.

8.) That a game which was shaping up as Blaine Gabbert’s best game as a Tiger ultimately came to a close with a sloppy interception that was inexplicably run back 70 yards for an Iowa touchdown. 

9.) What I might hate most of all about last night is that, even though it’s viewed by the powers that be as a “postseason game”, in reality, I didn’t give a crap that they lost five minutes after it was over.  

10.) That “five minutes after it was over” meant I was going to bed after midnight on a Tuesday. 

Welcome to college football in 2010.

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  • Ryan says:

    Loved it! And I love listening to whiny Mizzou fans even more! I’d be interested to see what this top ten list would’ve looked like had Mizzou won. My guess is probably not so sour.

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