Analyzing the Real Economic Impact of Mizzou joining the SEC


With Mizzou a month away from formally entering the grandest of all college football stages, known to civilians as the SEC, it is inevitable that the quality of competition on the field will take a step up. 

What most fans have not taken into consideration are the benefits that the state of Missouri will enjoy when the robust SEC fan bases take their legendary road trips cross our borders. 

We teamed with an economic expert to review what areas will enjoy spurts of growth throughout the coming football season.  At least we’re pretty sure he was an economic expert, but we can’t be certain…

Lets just say that any Missouri store able to stock shelves with body paint, moonshine, denim and RV amenities will not only have quite a diverse customer base, but they’ll also have plenty of extra coin they can “donate” to help secure some top shelf recruits.

Get on it, truck stops.


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