Cotton Bowl Take Note: Mizzou Fans Know How to Work a Computer


With Mizzou football’s regular season having ended without a shot at the Big 12 crown, it has officially become “obsess over bowl projections” time for a sect of hardcore fans. 

With media outlets all over the country speculating on what team will play in what meaningless bowl, ample Mizzou fans are already making their opinions known wherever they have a forum.  Message boards, radio talk shows, and most recently, the AT&T Cotton Bowl website

This week the site tossed up their informal poll about which team from the Big 12 should be selected to play in what amounts to a glorified exhibition game and, as the numbers confirmed, Mizzou fans made quite a statement. 


Of the 6,356,561 votes that have been cast, Mizzou took home 49%, over three million.  With that turnout, we theorize that one of two things is happening – 1.) there are literally millions of Mizzou fans lobbying for the Cotton Bowl or 2.) there are a few thousand advancing towards carpal tunnel syndrome by clicking on Missouri as many times as possible. 

Given some of the posts we’ve seen on Tigerboard, we’re going with the latter…

Even despite the valiant online efforts, the Cotton Bowl officials are probably giving Mizzou and Texas A&M fans a pat on the head and then promptly returning to their spreadsheets to calculate which team will put the most money to put in their pockets. 

Isn’t that what college football is all about these days?

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