Even the Wall Street Journal Enjoys Mocking Kansas


As a sports fan, it’s never ideal to be in a place where you have to mine little things such as a rival’s misfortune to find your enjoyment.  A perfect example came last night when fans of Mizzou – a program that ended the season with a thud, lost its coach and is now scrambling to find a new one – was forced to take pleasure in the upset loss of their chief rival that also happens to be a clearly superior program. 

But screw it, Kansas losing to #11 seed VCU in the Elite Eight was a joy to watch.  Bill Self’s squad somehow managed to derail their trip to the Final Four even though they were granted one of the easiest paths in Tourney history (#9 Illinois was the highest seed they’d played and their potential Final Four opponent was #8 seeded Butler).

If watching another unexpected collapse by a heavily favored Jayhawks team wasn’t satisfying enough, we get to wake up the next morning and see that even the world’s foremost financial publication was making fun of them…

Tyrel Reed sitting opposite of Dorothy and Toto can make the current mess at Mizzou tolerable for at least another day…

All that said, it’s always wise to be conscious of being on the other side of the coin. 

If the roles were reversed and the team local fans follow took a surprise loss leading to fans of our clearly subpar rivals finally having something to cheer about, well, then they would probably be Cubs fans.  And no one wants to act like a Cubs fan. 


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