Exclusive: The Lost Mizzou-Alabama T-Shirt


In case you hadn’t heard from the littany of blogs and tweets that centered around the topic yesterday, Mizzou is selling t-shirts to commemorate their victory over the Kentucky Wildcats this weekend, despite the fact that Kentucky is atrocious enough at the sport that the Tigers – winless in the SEC to that point – were two touchdown favorites. 

Barring a meltdown, their 33-10 win was expected.  At least expected enough not to warrant strolling around campus in celebratory apparel.  But then we did some investigating and started to see a trend.  Was this the most ridiculous shirt design that Mizzou stores had produced or did it extend far beyond victories over historically awful football programs? 

See for yourself:

Hey, when the #1 team in the country is only favored by slightly over three touchdowns, that alone is a victory. Only losing by 32 is icing on the cake. The fact that 99% of the people gambling on the game won money after wisely betting on Bama, means there’s more revenue to spend on t-shirts promoting the fact that the Tigers were only 10.5 points away from covering.

Win, win.


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  • Schroeder says:

    Eliminate the date and location, and a apply a Sharpie to the subtle hint of football laces above the SEC logo and maybe you wear it during basketball season. #DreamBig

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