Gameday Attire Suggestions for Mizzou Fans [MIZZOU]


With the biggest game of the season looming on Saturday in Columbia, with #1 BCS-ranked Oklahoma arriving in town, with ESPN’s College Gameday arriving on campus for the first time in since it hit the road several years ago and with all of this randomly falling on homecoming weekend, let’s just say that things are getting crazy for Mizzou fans.

But with all the external hype, those attending Gameday and the actual game need to stay focused on their logistics – where are they going to tailgate, what are the signs they’re bringing to Gameday going to say, etc. And, considering the weather forecast is uncertain, one of the big early-week decisions might be to start gathering options on game attire.

We here at JoeSportsFan’s Tailgate are able to lend a hand by providing three alternatives for you to consider…

Option 1
With the #1 team in the BCS ranking showing up for a huge nationally televised game, the blood may be coursing through your veins in a way that rids you of any modesty. In that case, consider yellow and black body paint as the perfect outfit, one that is that much more likely to get you on TV as a bonus…

Option 2
If the temperature takes a dip it might be worth getting a little warmer without compromising your open display of Gold Rush support. So long as what you’re wearing causes no second guessing of which team you’re pulling for, no one is going to give you any trouble for your choice. To meet the demand for a chilly homecoming game, stores around town have been stocking up on the Mizzou snuggie…

Option 3
If the temp isn’t warm enough to go body paint and not cold enough to justfiy the snuggie, you can always go with the tank top and straw MU hat. Just don’t forget to maintain proper bodily grooming before hand…

This weekend is amongst the biggest games we’ve seen come to town in a long time. That means its time to suit up and, with the ABC cameras rolling, choose wisely.

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