Infamous Mizzou Rappers Live on College Gameday?


Who could have predicted that a auto-tunified rap song created as a demonstration of school pride by a trio of non-rapping students could result in people at the very same school hiding in shame? 

Actually now that we think about it, yes, that was quite predictable.

If you haven’t been one of the 300,000 to watch their video yet, just know that the “We Are Mizzou” trio have been all over the place, featured on national sites like Yahoo and SB Nation, serving as motivation for an amusing Kansas rebuttal, even being unfairly compared to the classic “Cats From Ol Mizzou” rap.  But according to Terez Paylor from the KC Star, prepare yourselves Mizzou fans, the WorldWide Leader has taken notice…


While Mizzou faithful have divided into the “it’s meant to be funny, support them!” camp and the “holy god, please make it stop!” camp, the latter group is quickly approaching meltdown level after hearing the news that the lyrical genius’ repping their university will be featured on College Gameday.

We skimmed the message boards to take the temperature of Tiger fans.  Some highlights:

“Please god help us”

“We can’t get Coach Haith to make a video asking them to please stop?”

“The SEC may send us back to the Big 12 for this”

“We have enemies in our own house”

“These dorks have to be KU Fans”

Should the Gameday producers follow through and let them drop a live performance of what’s becoming the definitive 2012 party jam, let’s just hope that Mizzou Arena is still standing ’cause these fools gonna straight crumble the house.

Well, that or there will be a riot, one of the two.


Update: The Student Body President at Mizzou is now claiming they will not be performing.  We’ll be disappointed if they don’t.

But just in case you wanted to watch it again…


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