It’s time for Frank Haith to embrace the roll of a heel.


Unimaginably, things have gotten worse for Frank Haith.  Like, a lot worse.  Details are still sketchy, but Haith’s name was included in last week’s revelation about the University of Miami athletic department.  This revelation/debacle included compensation for college athletes across the spectrum.  And by, “across the spectrum” we mean, “from money…to free hookers and subsequent abortions”.  Gross.

If he should somehow keep his job (which isn’t unthinkable, given the state of college athletics), we have a simple approach for Frank Haith: embrace the role of the heel.  The antagonist.  The villain.  Be the bad guy, Frank.  The way we see it, there’s only one man who mere appearance resonates louder than Frank Haith’s.

Yes, sir.

Quin Snyder.

Thus, when Frank Haith eventually confronts the media once again, we’d like to see him come out with the following look.

Sure, he’s terrible.  And sure, he’s slimy.  But, but, look at those curly locks.  He’s just so darn cute.

Hey, it bought Quin a few more years of employment.



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