JSF Celebrates 7th Anniversary of Braggin’ Rights Silver Anniversary DVD


The lucky 22,153 fans that attended the Braggin’ Rights game in December 2005 were treated to a commemorative DVD celebrating the silver anniversary (that’s 25 years to the layperson) of the annual holiday showdown between the Missouri Tigers and Illinois Fighting Illini.

Undoubtedly, many celebrated this milestone by forgetting the DVD below their seat in a drunken stupor next to a half-eaten order of chicken tenders, while others promptly tossed it onto a shelf in the entertainment center after getting home, never to gaze upon it again.

2005 was indeed a special time. Also that very same year, one brave man’s independent publication rose to become an industry leader in online sports humor – or so I’ve read. Given the magnitude of these events, JSF would like to properly celebrate the seventh anniversary of this very special silver anniversary Braggin’ Rights DVD by reviewing it in depth.

Even though the DVD is only seven years old now, it seems especially dated. First of all, it’s a DVD, not Blu-ray. Secondly, it’s referred to as the “Busch” Braggin’ Rights game, not “Bud Light” as it’s currently labeled. Apparently, the event is that much classier now.

Busch Braggin' Rights Logo

Also, you’ll notice that in 2005 the game took place at the Kiel Riverport Savvis Scottrade Center, which makes the talking to you get from Savvis Center President and CEO a little less impactful. It’s like, what the hell does this guy know? Don’t tell me how to feel about the Braggin’ Rights game, caveman.

Unemployed Savvis President

Your host on this wonderful journey? Longtime veteran St. Louis announcer and native Bob Carpenter.

Bob Carpenter

Oh well, it could have been worse. It could have been Joel Meyers. Or fat Dan McLaughlin. A year later Carpenter would say, “See…you…later!” to St. Louis and become the announcer for the Washington Nationals.

Yes, this DVD’s got everything. It’s jam-packed with everything you’d expect, like the obligatory B-roll of crazed fans.

Gratuitous Fan Shots

There are gratuitous shots of team paraphernalia that will make you want to jump on your laptop like it’s 2005 and order a sweatshirt from the team store right now. Or a pennant.


There’s one crusty old guy after another telling you how great everything used to be, and how it sucks now – including this guy, who kind of looks like Smeagol from The Hobbit.

Loren Tate

There’s even an appearance by Quin Snyder, the young Duke prodigy with finely coiffed hair, who arrived in Columbia poised to take Missouri to new and never-before-seen heights, only to go down in coke-fueled, co-ed molesting flames.

Quin "Dee" Snyder

We learn about the essence of rivalries, with important tidbits like, “A great rivalry requires geography.” With Missouri now in the same division as Florida and the recent induction of Maryland and Rutgers into the B1G – we can rest assured that this edict still rings as true now as it did back then.

And if a great rivalry requires geography, then a great DVD requires a geography lesson. Did you know that Illinois and Missouri border each other? Well they do.

Don't Know Much About Geography

Not to mention the fact that Columbia and Chambana are nearly equidistant from St. Louis. Fascinating.

There are actually some good stories in here though. Like how Lou Henson and Norm Stewart – long time coaching greats at the respective universities – both tried on separate occasions to end the annual matchup during its formative years so they could instead add one more Southwest North Dakota Fanning State to the schedule. This is one time we can all be thankful that an enterprise became “too big to fail.”

It’s got a top ten list of players from each school that have played in the game, as voted on by you, the online fan from seven years ago. And it has a list of the top ten (out of 25) Braggin’ Rights games of all time, which of course, is now and will always be lead by that damned 1993 triple-overtime game where 99.9 percent career free throw shooter Kiwane Garris missed four in a row at the end of regulation and overtime that would have won the game for the Illini. Or something like that.

Thankfully, for Illinois fans anyway, it would take another 19 contests before they can make a silver anniversary DVD of the Arch Rivalry game – the Braggin’ Rights football first cousin, twice removed. I wonder what the Trans World Dome at America’s Center Russell Athletic Field at Edward Jones Dome will be called then?


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