Kansas-Mizzou Memorabilia Battle Rages On


Even with Mizzou’s disastrous home loss to Kansas State last night, all eyes remain on the weekend showdown in Lawrence, KS.

We all know about the basketball and football rivalry between Kansas and Mizzou and how it’s coming to an end. We’ve heard it a thousand times. But the battle that may last long after the games are stopped is which side has the more insulting memorabilia.

The most recent entry into this dogfight was Kansas’ latest T-shirt highlighting the significant gap it holds over Mizzou in basketball success with the tagline “Mission Accomplished: Defeating Missouri since 1854”.

But in the end, we’re going to have to give the nod to the Tigers. Because while one side chooses to point to a significant historic advantage they have in the record books, the other side tosses all of that aside and simply goes for toilet humor…literally:

Classy? Nope. But if a KU fan wearing his new anti-Tigers t-shirt strolls into the bathroom, and sees that puppy hanging on the wall complete with its special decoration near the drain, the Mizzou fan’s mission is accomplished too.


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