Kim English: The Virtual Hitchhiker


When we say that Mizzou’s Kim English is an expert at social networking, we typically mean he’s a whiz at using tools such as Twitter to establish an interactive dialogue with fans, media, peers and even his dedicated group of cougars

After yesterday, we made an addendum to that description that reads: “is also able to use social media tools to hail free cab rides from St. Louis to Columbia.”

What happens when you fly into St. Louis from the east coast with no plan on how to get to your ultimate destination in Columbia? As English demonstrated on Sunday, you might as well source your Twitter audience for a suitable solution.  Better than throwing a thumb up along Highway 70.  

A few follow-up tweet exchanges with a potential chaffeur, an assurance that this wasn’t an April Fools joke and problem solved. 

And when you’ve flagged down four girls crammed in an SUV on their way home from Spring Break that are willing to haul you 150 miles west for nothing more than some free McDonald’s, it never hurts to send out the photographic evidence to prove it…

Kudos for tossing in a shout out to your lady friend as well, Kimmie.  Gotta cover all your bases.


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