Kim English: Twitter All-American [MIZZOU]


The 2010 Missouri Tigers basketball team might be flirting with the Top 10 this season and with it could come a potential shot at making the school’s first Final Four.  But even with all that potentially on the table, last year’s leading scorer Kim English already has a title in his pocket.

Twitter All-American.

Don’t confuse that with a sponsor for the standard All-America squad.  This version is literally given to “talented players from across the country who have also mastered the world of Twitter.”

In other words, Kimmie can straight light up a Twitter post.

The award was one created by Chris Littman of the formerly St. Louis-based Sporting News.  English not only earned a spot on the All-America team but also took the top spot as Twitter Player of the Year. In this social media-frenzied world athletes live in, an award like this might be considered an honor.

It for sure means that Kim English’s Twitter feed makes for a good read when he has the freedom to post.  Ironically Coach Mike Anderson no longer grants that…

If English could squeak his way onto a Facebook All-America team, he may be considered an internet basketball titan.

His 15 points a game ain’t bad either.

Twitter: @jbacott
Kim English’s Twitter: @Englishscope24


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