Mizzou finally solves fan sunburn epidemic with school spirit


Today is a pretty big day for Mizzou faithful. 

Yeah, sure they’re announcing a major private donation worthy of its own press conference that will take place at 4:00.  Scoring millions of free dollars from prominent alumni is cool and all, but that’s not what we’re talking about.  We’re talking about someone stumbling onto a bottle of this:

You know your school has hit it big time when they release their own branded bottle of sunscreen. Spray-on sunscreen, no less. And it’s even bigger when sports biz Twitter-a-holic Darren Rovell features it as his non-descript “weird licensed college product” of the day.

Of course the terminology on the bottle has us sort of confused.  It’s called “Game Face” and advertised as “Performance sunscreen”.  It took a little investigating but we finally figured out what those meant.  Not only does it save your grill from UV radiation, it also serves a functional purpose for big games…


If it turns out that our theory is bunk and Mizzou sunscreen doesn’t simultaneously dust your face with a mix of black and gold paint, I’m going to be severly disappointed when the 24 bottles I ordered arrive.



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