Mizzou-Kansas Tickets > Super Bowl Tickets?


We know the Mizzou-Kansas game slated for this coming Saturday is a big one.  Potentially the last game between the two rivals in Columbia, both teams are ranked in the Top 10, Mizzou fans can make fun of Bill Self’s hair piece for the final time, all the standard stuff.

And when a game of this magnitude rolls around between two schools that have been arch enemies for well over a century, tickets become a valuable commodity.  Play it in a 60,000 seat Dome and they might have enough demand to sell it out, but instead it’s tucked away in small 14,000 seat arenas so expect to pay up if you want to see it live.

All that said, we’re thinking there still may be a few people out there overestimating the market.  Specifically one seller on Columbia, MO’s Craigslist whose asking price makes Super Bowl tickets look like pocket change…

If it’s getting closer to the last minute and your normal connection at Mizzou still hasn’t confirmed that he has seats locked up, don’t get all down on yourself, it’s only going to cost $100k to get in the door.  And that’s for two tickets, possibly even four, so best case you’re only ponying up $25,000 per.

Yeah, they sound expensive, but…13th row, KU game, ESPN Gameday? Sack up, bro.  Chanting M-I-Z  Z-O-U is way cooler than using that cash to send your kid to school there.


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