Mizzou & SLU Team Barbers Deserve Praise


While neither SLU nor Mizzou have had particular good regular seasons relative to their expectations, it’s important to take note of the future.  It’s undeniable that both teams possess young players who have adopted traits that made men in all walks of life successful decades ago.

And just to clarify, I’m not talking about what they do on the basketball court.  I’m talking about what they do in the barber chair.

Simply put, nothing says “respecting basketball history” like underclassmen breaking out throwback hair styles that were popularized before they were born.

For SLU, freshman Cory Remekun has demonstrated precision, patience and an appreciation of Big Daddy Kane by crafting a quality high top fade.  Rumor has it that Kenny “Sky” Walker likes this kid’s potential.

Two hours west in Columbia, Phil Pressey paid tribute to the timeless art of using one’s head as a billboard, by publicly declaring that he is an Astros fan, or at least a fan of their logo.

Needless to say, both men clearly respect what a quality pair of clippers can bring to their respective games…

As we enter the belly of March Madness, fans may be inclined to focus on aspects of the game more relevant than grooming tips, but frankly, after seeing Mizzou stumble to the finish line this year after a hot start and barely noticing SLU post their atrocious 12-19 record, the hair of certain players is about all the enjoyment I can squeeze out of the 2011 season at this point.

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