Larry Hughes wore a non-Cardinals hat. Bastard.


The SLU Billikens played Dayton last night at Chaifetz Arena, which is always a big draw since they’re the best the A-10 has to offer.  One could argue that every SLU game would be a nice draw if the Billikens swallowed their pride and rightfully hitched their wagon to the Missouri Valley Conference a few years ago, but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s important is that the Billikens stink.  Stink.  Nevertheless, they’re creating some substantial buzz in St. Louis once again despite a 5-9 record in a horrific conference and averaging somewhere around 4.8 points per quarter.  Don’t fact-check me on that; it’s accurate.

To recap: Dayton was in town for A-10 opener.  Rick Majerus is injured and will miss multiple games.  Suspended star Willie Reed is headed back to school.

Those stories have all been covered and now it’s time to drop our nugget of SLU insight on the fine folks of St. Louis.


If you couldn’t tell amongst that the sea of Caucasians, that’s former CBC/SLU star Larry Hughes sitting courtside at last night’s game at Chaifetz Arena.

Wearing a goddamn Yankees hat.

Cleveland went through this with Lebron and now St. Louis is gettin’ the ole hometown screwgie.  This stings, Larry.

Sure, you played a couple of seasons for the New York Knicks.  But they didn’t really like you.  I don’t know; something about you making $13,000,000 per season while averaging 10 points per game.  Now you play for some team in Charlotte.

Come on, Larry.  CBC.  SLU.  You’re back in St. Louis.

Throw on the STL and we’ll love you for life.

(Photo via Tim Day; check out his work here.)


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