President Obama: Mizzou Fan or Kansas Henchman?


In case you hadn’t heard, the President of the United States picked Mizzou to reach his Final Four.  Sure he’s a world leader and probably doesn’t get to spend much of his time watching Big Monday, but still that’s a solid endorsement. 

If nothing else, it shows that this Mizzou team isn’t a fluke.  Hell, a few years back, Obama picked North Carolina and they won the freaking thing.  This guy knows how to lay out a bracket. 

Let’s check who he had last year:

Well, that clearly didn’t work out.  Kansas lost to VCU for God’s sake.  But that’s just more reason to like his Mizzou pick.  Not only did he go with our state’s team to make the 2012 Final Four, but he jinxed the Jayhawks last year too.  Like a double bonus.  True Son.

What about 2010

Wait, is that a misprint?  So he picked Kansas two years in a row to win the tournament?  That year they lost to another mid-Major – Northern Iowa – before they even got to the Sweet 16.

So two years in a row he goes with Kansas, then he jumps off their bandwagon and onto Mizzou’s in 2012?

Either he is:

1.) A huge Mizzou fan and spent two years throwing some negative juju at Kansas before the big unveiling of his Mizzou pick this year


2.) He’s a huge Kansas fan and after noticing that his Final Four picks get so much publicity that they’re adversley affecting the teams, he went low key on KU and threw Mizzou under the bus. 

Clearly it’s one of the two.  You can’t simply be neutral and objective when it comes to the Border War. 

But he has SLU losing in the first round.  Eh, no big deal.


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