Quin Snyder: NBA Coach? Google thinks there might be some baggage


Having completed the worst season in NBA history a few short weeks ago, Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats moved on to the next item on their agenda – hiring the coach who will be tasked with cleaning up their remarkable mess.
Let’s just say that a familiar name that made their short list wasn’t exactly one that popped into the heads of anyone who has followed Mizzou basketball in their lifetime:

Yes, this would be the same Quin Synder who bumbled his way through the last half of  his eight-year run as Mizzou’s head coach.  When he was relieved of his duties in 2006, the glory days of his Elite Eight appearance in 01-02 were forgotten and his new legacy had started to take shape. 

We could go through all the tales and rumors of malfeasance by Quin, but we’ll just let Google suggestions tell the story of how Snyder is remembered:

Anytime you can get the words “affair”, “drugs”, “divorce” and “scandal” in your top 5, it’s a safe bet that “great basketball coach” won’t be climbing up the list anytime soon.  

But hey, this is the NBA, maybe comparing the quality of road beef and telling stories of how you boned your player’s girlfriend (alledgedly) is what makes a coach appeal to his team. If not, then he can always show them tapes of him slapping the floor at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

That seemed to work wonders in Columbia.



  • Ben says:

    The google searches that come up on your computer are related to user history. You were clearly searching for certain stories or rumors. I get a completely different list. Given the amount of time that has transpire since he coached at Mizzou and your continued fascination and attacks against him, seems you either are incredibly jealous of the guy for some reason or you have a repressed crush on him. Move on already.

  • dipshit says:

    i’ve never searched anything about quin snyder and get the same list.

  • VINCE says:

    filtering out the stories about his interview with the bobcats, i found none of those words in the top five results. just sayin.’

  • VINCE says:

    ever heard of auto-complete? apparently not.

  • Stump says:

    Quin was my next door neighbor while he was coaching in Austin. He was nothing less than an absolute gentleman, great neighbor, friendly, down to earth, every day, cool ass dude. He would invite me over to watch hoops sometimes since I didn’t have cable, him and his now wife Amy (also awesome) cooked a grand dinner for my girlfriend and I, we watched each other’s dogs, I watched his house, watered his plants, and had some great in depth conversations with them. He gave us court side tickets to Toros games whenever we wanted. The dude is an every day, bad ass dude. Even when I texted him congrats on getting the 76ers and Lakers job, he was never too big to reply and say hi. I’ve lost contact with him as of late, but definitely consider him a pal. People who continue to slander people for their past mistakes, are just doing it to make themselves feel better about all of the stupid shit they’ve done in their lives. Hell, I’ve done a lot worse than him I’m sure, and I don’t really consider myself as bad as a lot of folks I know. Leave the guy alone, more than likely, he’s a WAY better person than you.

  • Stump says:

    Oh, and to add to the list, him and his wife came out to watch my insignificant little band play once too. Oh, and they let us borrow their van several times for out of town gigs! I’m just a poor ass musician, yet he always treated me as an equal. Quality Quin!

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