The Real Reason Kimmie English is Coming Back to Mizzou


It became official last week that Mizzou forward Kimmie English withdrew his name from the 2011 NBA draft consideration.  Some believe it’s because he had limited chances of being selected after a frustrating season, and while that may be valid, it doesn’t take into account the collateral damage he may have caused by heading out of Columbia.

Leaving school a year early would not only mean he was leaving his teammates and a new coach, it would have meant he was abandoning a collection of 30+ year old women who have met his stated criteria and qualified to join a pseudo-sorority called “Cougars For Kimmie”.  The only thing left in Columbia would have been a trail of broken hearts…

Sure, he might have been able to catch on with an NBDL club if he had decided to go that route, but is that worth breaking the unmistakable bond between a college basketball player and older women who are so eager to categorize themselves as cougars that they’re strutting around town wearing t-shirts announcing it to the world?

He’s human. And humans don’t want to disappoint their cougars.


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