Thoughts From a Message Board: Arkansas Fans on Frank Haith


For as much as the Arkansas faithful refuse to concede that Mizzou has emerged as a natural rival in basketball, they are far less stubborn when it comes to firing off shots on their favorite message board,  For every 1 unfortunate soul that is crushed when they find out they have not stumbled onto an obese fetish dating site, there were 10 that saw an opportunity last night to air their grievances specifically aimed at Mizzou coach Frank Haith. 

 It started with the matter-of-Hog-fact statement on the future of each team…


Then it got personal when Haith stormed onto the court yelling in his predecessor’s direction during a timeout…


Soon the 90′s sitcom-based insults were flowing…


Before long they morphed into familiar territory when sexual preference was introduced…


And without fail, the lifeblood of any anonymous message board – the angry meathead – strolled into the party…


In the end, it was a clinical performance by the Razorback faithful.  Being dismantled on the court by the team representing a border state is never a fun thing to experience, but so long as you can channel your frustration into a written assault crafted under an untraceable pseudonym then, as a fan, you’ve held up your end of the bargain.



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